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The original label brand return.

   After ten years using (Cemento Records and THOS Records, respectively) we have returned back to the original brand name that started it all. A return to what made Bluleaf unique, by offering alternatives to the status quo.  All titles from the previous brands will fold into the Bluleaf moniker, and most early Bluleaf Recordings releases  will be re-released over the next 12-18 months. New artists and new music is coming, while also giving some previous releases a second chance.
  With this new beginning comes new changes, with the inclusion of founder and producer Fletcher Z's production music company THOS Productions. Making Bluleaf Recordings both a label and music production house.  More details on the re-lauch of THOS Productions will arrive in the coming weeks.
  It doesn't matter if you're new to Bluleaf Recordings or have been following our artists for years, we hope that you take a look around, discover some artists, listen to some music and support true independent music.

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