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Khalid Rivera
active from 2006-2008

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Actor / Performer / Singer Khalid Rivera joined Bluleaf Recordings as its official second act on the label. Teaming up with Producer Fletcher Z was the perfect match as they would demonstrate with his solo debut single Every Nite in 2007. The song and video would become a top play on MTV/Logo, and would help bring attention to a worthy talent. The second single and dance anthem, Salvation in 2008 would make the same impact, and that same year his full-length self-titled album would offer more to the masses. Unfortunately, Khalid would only make one album for Bluleaf Recordings, but he continues to release singles and do collaborations on a occasion. His debut album, was re-released in 2021, with updated mixes, unreleased tracks and remastered. Click below for more information, or visit the discography page.

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