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active from 2006-2011


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The first official project founded by producer and songwriter Fletcher Z. Combining various electronic elements with pop themes,  this group would also serve as the first official of Bluleaf Recordings. Vocalist, songwriter and musician Alicia Mott would join Fletch, forming the inaugural version of SMZ, soon after, vocalist Janelle Rodriguez would join, rounding out the vocal arsenal. The first single, Statik would arrive in 2006, with their debut album Sinking The Tide arriving the following year. The album got some attention based on the first single, but other tracks, such as Façade, Mind Over Heart and its haunting title track would confirm they have arrived. In 2010 SMZ would return as a duo with the release of In Retro. Taking cues from 80s synth-pop and current pop-electronic trends, Fletcher Z and Alicia took their songwriting, vocals and music production forward, resulting in tunes like, The World Won’t Forgive, Tattoo, among other unique gems. A Deluxe Version of their debut album was re-released in 2001, with a fresh mix and remaster to celebrate its 15 year anniversary. Its time that you discover this underrated group.