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The Random Spike
active from 2007-present

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The Random Spike is the second musical project created by songwriter and producer Fletcher Z.  A fondness of Bristol drum and bass he wanted to add his pop style to the genre. The juxtaposition of chaotic beats with smooth chords and vocals was intriguing. Originally meant to be only an instrumental project, he added female vocals to one of the early songs just to break up the monotony of instrumental tracks, and discovered he would rather make it a whole project with vocals. The result was the apt titled Debut in 2008 featuring the vocals of Eleanor Kleiner. Two more albums followed, 2011’s Observing The Sun and 2014’s The Thin Line both featuring the vocals of Brianne Upchurch. The Best Of compilation, The Random Spike, Chapter: One signals the end of its first chapter. This release features tracks from all three TRS studio albums and also features remixes that will never be available again.  Fletcher Z has been working on the next TRS album, but has yet chosen its new lead singer. Stay Tuned!

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